Naoya Ogura - Composer, Arranger, Trumpeter and Big band leader

A native of Kobe, Japan, Naoya Ogura started playing Jazz in the school Jazz band at Hyogo Prefectural International High School, called “Hoppin’ Note”. Through its activities, he experienced and deepened his knowledge about big band Jazz, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, Buddy Rich, and such.

In 2010, the band was awarded a “The City of Kobe Board of Education” prize in a national convention of high school jazz band, Student Jazz Festival. After going on to study at Doshisha University, he kept playing Jazz trumpet actively in various groups and eventually started composing / arranging. He belonged to the university 18-piece jazz orchestra and played the trumpet. Our band performed at many concerts and in some competitions. Besides the University Orchestra, he formed several groups and had many performances in jazz clubs. He led the band the Naoya Ogura Septet for years and performed at the main stage of some huge jazz festivals in Japan, for example the Takatsuki Jazz Street, the Biwako Jazz Festival. After his graduation, he started his professional career as a jazz musician. Since then he has played in many places around Japan. He participated many times in the recording of jazz albums and pops albums as a trumpeter.

In January of 2020, Naoya decided to move to New York to pursue his profession in music. He attended Aaron Copland School of Music in Queens College, where he studied Jazz composition with Michael Phillip Mossman, Antonio Hart, Tim Armacost, Pete Calandra, David Berkman, Dennis Mackrel, and Donna Doyle. While studying at the college, he actively performed with Queens College Ensemble. He wrote arrangements for the band and conducted it. He and his band performed at The Jimmy Heath Scholarship Fund Concert with Mark Gross, Diego Urcola, Jon Faddis, Lew Tabackin, Emmet Cohen, Gary Smulyan, Robin Eubanks, Steve Davis, Evan Sherman, and many others.

As a composer, his works has been well appreciated among NYC based composers and musicians. For his works, he awarded the Marvin Hamlisch International Music Award 2021 and the Jimmy Heath Music Award. He became the first prize winner of the The Jimmy Heath Scholarship which was established in 2022.


1992年生まれ。西宮市出身。同志社大学卒業。 ピアニストである母親の影響を受け、8歳からクラシックトランペットを始める。兵庫県立国際高等学校のジャズバンド部でジャズと出会い、 在籍中に高校生ビッグバンドの全国大会である「スチューデント・ジャズ・フェスティバル」にて、2010年に神戸市教育委員会賞を受賞。 高校卒業後、同志社大学に進学するも、音楽性へのこだわりから、大阪大学軽音楽部スイングに在籍し、ジャズの奏法を学ぶ。 同軽音楽部の一軍ビッグバンドに所属し、大学生ビッグバンドの全国大会である「山野ビッグバンドジャズコンテスト」にて2012年に76.1InterFM賞(総合5位)、 2013年に日刊スポーツ賞(総合6位)に入賞する。 大学卒業後は関西のライブハウスを中心に、ビッグバンドや小編成のバンドで活動をしながら、テレビ、ラジオなどメディアでの演奏、作編曲、バンド指導など多岐にわたる活動にも積極的に取り組んでいる。関西で活躍する若手ミュージシャンの精鋭達を集めて結成したリーダーバンド「小倉直也セプテット」では、2017年高槻ジャズストリート現代芸術劇場ステージ、2019年びわ湖ジャズ東近江へのゲスト出演、その他イベント、自主企画ライブなど様々な場で演奏活動をする。 2020年1月からニューヨーク市立大学Queens Collegeの大学院へ留学のため渡米。一時帰国を余儀なくされるなどコロナ禍の影響を受けるも、2022年12月に最も優秀な成績で主席卒業。大学院では、トランペットと作編曲をMichael Phillip Mossman、ジャズ理論をAntonio Hart、Dennis Mackrel、ジャズピアノをDavid Berkman、Jeb Pattonから学ぶ。 「the Marvin Hamlisch International Music Award 2021」「the Jimmy Heath Music Award 2022」を受賞。The Jimmy Heath Scholarship 初代奨学生。